Tuesday night at Piazza Navona

We had a nice evening out. We ate well at a restaurant just off the piazza. I had a goat cheese and pepper pasta with a sea bass entree. Greg can't get enough of the beef. Genene devoured an entire pizza.

Best of all, we struck up a conversation with a girl at the next table who was dining alone. She was a young American. She is marketing for Loyola University and will be in Rome for a year. Her Italian was impressive, and the waiter was so much more solicitous of her. I think she was glad for us to talk with her because it kept her from being more forcefully courted. She was young, pretty, and confident. Her parents must be so proud of her. I hope that Genene will be that poised in a few years.

As we dined, acrobats performed, and street musicians strolled. It was a nice night. I don't have much to say, but I thought a few pictures would be nice.

Piazza Navona with Sant'Agnes in Agone in the background.

People strolling along the piazza.


Genene gets right into the action with the street vendors. By the time we got home, the balloons had completely deflated.


Neptune is still slaying the octopus, even at night. A god never sleeps.

The piazza is alive with artists, street musicians and performers, well into the Roman night.


We strolled back by the Pantheon on the way home. The fountains there are interesting, especially in the evening light.

This is why people should drink from the up-spout instead of the down-spout.

Crazy Genene runs in the moonlight in front of the Pantheon.


1 thought on “Tuesday night at Piazza Navona

  1. Houston needs more sculptures and fountains like those around the city. (But let them fix the potholes first. Don’t mention the fountains until they get the potholes fixed. I don’t want to distract them.)


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