Adventures in Peru 2014: we interrupt this program

I usually like to take my blogs in order, but I have some news tonight and so I am interrupting the program. (I will return to the format in the next blog.) We will not be going on the Inca Trail. I spoke too soon in my first blog when I reported that none of us was having any particular issues with altitude sickness. Greg began having problems late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Our guide Carlos advised us that Greg should stay in bed and rest in the hopes that he would feel better and that our hike could be saved. Genene and I did a halfday tour instead of a full day and came home to rest with him. He felt better in the night on Sunday and was able to go have breakfast with us this morning (Monday). Our schedule was the via ferrata and zip line, and Carlos had told us that if Greg was not at 100 percent that he should skip it, so he did. Genene and I went, and it was awesome. I will tell you more about that later.

Greg went to visit a medical clinic just as a precaution, and the doctor there told us that he should NOT attempt the trail. For a few short minutes, we toyed with the idea of letting him rest and going without him. Greg really wanted Genene and me to do it without him, but we just could not do it. So our plans will change. I am not sure about what we will do, but we will figure out a new adventure. Please don't worry about us. Greg is resting comfortably and already feels much better, and Genene and I are doing fine. Instead of spending three nights out in 38 degree temperatures at altitude, we will spend them in a nice warm hotel. Our tour operator has been in constant contact, and they are working on logistics of our new plan. Stay tuned.

And now, back to our regular programming…..

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